Pressure Halts Advancement of Conversion Bill

from The Jerusalem Post:

Conversion bill postponed by 6 months

The Israeli Religious Action Center (of the Israel Reform Movement) and Masorti (Conservative) Movement in Israel have agreed to a nearly six-month freeze on their High Court petition demanding state recognition of non-Orthodox conversions in Israel, and the government in return will halt the legislation on the conversion bill for that period, following a deal hammered out by cabinet secretary Zvi Hauser Thursday night at the behest of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu “to find any way to preserve the unity of the Jewish people.”

Under the deal, there will be no change in the status-quo of conversions till January 1, 2011.

… In the interim, Jewish Agency Chairman Natan Sharansky will head a team including members of the non-Orthodox movements and of the government, to form the authority that would complete the legislation on the topic.