Peer Pressure Works In Web Communities

You were always told not to give in to peer pressure. But, joining the legions of nonprofits on the Web might be the exception. Clinton O’Brien of Care2 explained at Blackbaud’s 2008 Conference for Nonprofits why you should find online supporters, if you haven’t started already.

  • Online donations are becoming the norm. As more people become comfortable with online financial transactions, they are moving everything to the Web — from credit card statements to stock portfolios. And, donations are following that trend.
  • Value of online donors. More and more nonprofits are seeing that some online donors give higher average gifts. Web donors can also leverage their online relationships by connecting their friends with your organization easily and with little to no work from you.
  • Direct mail is slipping. Direct mail isn’t dead, but it isn’t hitting a rebirth either. Online might be the best way to reach the youngest generation as they come of age in the philanthropic sphere and eco-friendly donors that worry about direct mail’s paper waste.
  • Advocacy. Big organizations will have to move over as small organizations join the fight for their missions. Email and social networks make it easier to spread the message – even for the little guys.
  • Success breeds success. It’s not to late to get into the Web game. Building your email list now can help your organization with special email appeals and fundraising later.

from The NonProfit Times