The New Address for Federations’ Young Leaders

UJC National Young Leadership has launched a vibrant new Web site,, designed to inform, inspire, and connect young, socially conscious Jewish adults.

With bold graphics and lively text, welcomes visitors and offers multiple ways to explore content. The text and graphics underscore a key message: that the Federation system creates opportunities for young Jews interested in connecting with peers and making a difference in the world.

“The ‘hands-on’ message is key, because today’s young Jews have shown they want to be deeply involved in social action, and they very much relate to our goal of tikkun olam, ‘healing the world,’” said Cindy Nimhauser, co-chair of National Young Leadership. “But more than in the past, what draws them to an organization is the chance for hands-on experiences.”

Perhaps most important, the design of the web site reflects how NYL’s target audience – Jews ranging from their 20s to 40s – use online communications. The content is interactive and dynamic, designed to evolve and allow visitors to offer their own comments, ideas and concerns. There are blogs by NYL leaders and of course, a link to NYL’s Facebook page.

“People in the NYL demographic are savvy web users who seek dynamic, interactive resources that present information-at-a-glance,” said Lisa Kudish, who as NYL media co-vice chair helped create the site.

“The new web site was designed to meet these needs, to be a portal that immediately showcases travel opportunities, such as missions and conferences; testimonials and photos of young leaders – who make the concept of getting involved and making donations relatable – and the work accomplished by the Federation system.”

“The site communicates the current needs of the global Jewish community in a style that is rooted in tikkun olam, with energized language and design elements that convey the actions young leaders are taking to repair the world,” said Jon Deaner, the NYL media co-vice chair who partnered with Kudish to create the site. “The National Young Leadership constituency does not want to sit on the sidelines and be a passive audience,” Kudish added. “They want to be the participants, the agents of change. On this site, they see people with whom they identify ‘digging into the dirt,’ and making a difference through hands-on activity.”