New Teen Internship to Leverage their Israel Experience

Aimed at empowering teens to be peer educators and ambassadors for the Israel experience, the iCenter is launching the MZ Teen Israel Internship, a national leadership program for teens returning from summer Israel experiences.

The MZ Teen Israel Internship will leverage the contagious excitement of these teens, keeping them engaged and inspired to share their stories with their friends, families and communities and helping them inspire their peers to make a similar connection. The program will empower teens to be effective, positive voices for Israel and prepare them for future roles as leaders on college campuses andbeyond. The MZ Teen Israel Internship is funded by the MZ Philanthropic Fund.

In cooperation with BBYO, the Jewish Student Union (JSU) and Alexander Muss High School in Israel (AMHSI), the iCenter will recruit 36 teen participants who emerge as leaders during their summer Israel experience. The goal is to enable these teens to initiate Israel engagement projects in their home communities and ultimately to help organize a national Teen Israel Summit for North American high school students.

MZ Teen Israel Interns will participate in on-going learning and mentorship from experienced leaders and Israel educators. MZ Teens will discover how to share with their peers a more comprehensive and personal view of Israel. They will enhance their own knowledge about Israel through a comprehensive curriculum that encompasses modern Israeli history and current events. And, they will emerge as a community of young people who share an ongoing commitment to promoting a positive image of Israel and the Jewish people.

More information is available on the project website.