NCSY And The JSU Part Ways

As NCSY And The JSU Part Ways, NCSY Moves To Keep The JSU Name
To Further Its Deceptive Public School Missionary Work

David Kelsey writing in

NCSY’s Honesty Problem

The National Council of Synagogue Youth (NCSY), the Orthodox Union’s youth outreach arm, had disproportionate power and presence in the Jewish Student Union (JSU), so disproportionate that it had near-absolute control over the organization.

JSU clubs and chapters are allowed to operate within the public school system based on JSU’s claim that it is a cultural, rather than a religious, organization – something we have long argued is false.

NCSY used JSU to do what can only be described as religious missionary activity. True, that religious missionary activity was directed at non-Orthodox Jews. But it is religious missionary activity nonetheless.

… The NCSY/JSU split is cause for celebration for those concerned about separation of religion and state (in this case, separation of NCSY missionary activity from public schools), and for those who insist missionary groups of all denominations and religions act with honesty rather than with deceit. But NCSY is still behaving badly.

NCSY wants to continue to operate clubs in the public school system, still under the guise of promoting Jewish “culture.” To do this it intends to keep the JSU name for itself, despite reportedly promising JSU’s non-NCSY leadership that it would not do this