Meet the Future Today: Kehillah Solutions

1Our Jewish Communities Are Being Challenged by a variety of socio-economic and cultural realities that are changing the fabric of our lives.

Some of these challenges include: Jewish education is increasingly and prohibitively expensive; Jews are marrying later in life, reproducing less, and endangering population replacement; and Synagogue membership and attendance rates are falling as financial solvency is being challenged.

Who best to assist communities solve these challenges but members of their own communities. And seeking to facilitate the dialogue is the newly launched Kehillah Solutions.

Developed by New Yorker Karra Greenberg, Kehillah Solutions “creates active networks of Jewish academics, social innovators, and institutions that work within their own communities to solve their socio-economic challenges through research, analysis, and resulting communal interpretation for future policy development.” Looking beyond institutional structures, the Kehillah model will investigate the multi-faceted behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes of community members providing them the opportunity to understand the greater trends affecting their social fabric; thereby empowering members to see success as their own; one they can claim ownership of.

The perfect model for 21st century social-problem solving.

You can learn more about Kehillah Solutions, and contact Karra through their Website.

Kehillah Solutions is one of the ventures to emerge from this summer’s cohort of the PresenTense Institute.