LINKED: Maximizing Technology for the Future of the Jewish Community

I’m blogging live and remotely from JCSA‘s 2008 Annual Program, “LINKED: Maximizing technology for the future of the Jewish community”.

Taking place in New York City, I’m in Jerusalem – where it’s late at night, fitting right into the program’s theme as I maximize one of the new technologies. Thanks to live video streaming, I have a front row seat from thousands of miles away!

the program this evening: Jewish communal organizations and agencies are faced with technological advances that are changing the way people interact with each other, obtain knowledge, support causes, and work. Are we able to adapt as a community to provide services more efficiently, reach more constituents and build meaningful communities? How can we respond to existing needs and preferences during this transformative period? Given that community building and leveraging community are key to the work of Jewish communal organizations, understanding the opportunities afforded by social networking and exploring the ways to explode them is a critical discussion for our conference.

With featured keynote speaker Allison Fine, author of Momentum, the panel this evening will look at:

  • What is currently happening, and what is next, in the world of technology and social networking?
  • What are some of the innovative uses of technology already being implemented?
  • What opportunities should the Jewish community be maximizing?

OK – they’re about to begin…

(right now they’re conducting organizational business, introductions, thank-yous and the like)

Allison has just finished an incredible presentation – which I hope will be available on JCSA’s website – there is a lot of great material here which I don’t want to miss so, I’ll be back later and again here with additional thoughts and take-aways…