LimmudFSU: Pushing Forward in 2010

Backed by a determination to attract new donors in 2010, LimmudFSU, has released their 2010 schedule. And like many organizations they are keeping an eye on costs; but they also increasing the dollars allotted to programming in order to continue reaching out to a broader audience. In addition to planning five major events, they continue to push the envelope with new a leadership training summit – a full-week event in the U.S. after Pesach.

Here’s the current line-up for 2010:

Ukraine: March 15-18 (rescheduling of the recently canceled event due to swine flu)

Moscow: April 15-18

Baltimore: April 28-May 4 – international leadership training summit (Pearlstone Retreat & Conference Center)

Jerusalem: July 21-23

New York: mid-August

Belarus: mid-November

LimmudFSU’s most recent event was in Birobidzhan, in Russia’s far east. Here’s an up-close look: