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If cost has been one of the barriers to using Flickr in your nonprofit’s outreach efforts, this may tip the balance. The photo-sharing service announced today that it has teamed up with TechSoup, in a new program called Flickr for Good, to give away 10,000 one-year Flickr Pro accounts to nonprofits and public libraries. According to Flickr

“A photo gives us the ability to see what goes on in the world, but can also move us to care, or motivate us to help. Many individuals and organizations use Flickr to share their mission to make the world better, and this is just a sample of what’s going on on Flickr.

We’ve partnered with TechSoup, a US-based non-profit technology training service, to donate 10,000 1-year Flickr pro accounts for good causes. TechSoup and its international partners will distribute these to qualifying non-profit organizations.

While we know there are many individuals and groups who use Flickr for good, at this time, this program is only available to qualifying non-profit organizations who are duly registered as such in Canada, and USA, with additional countries in the future.”

Here are five innovative ways your organization can utilize Flickr to reach new people and enhance your online presence…

  • tell your story
  • run a contest
  • promote your event
  • launch a campaign
  • engage your volunteers (and your professionals!)

tip to Wild Apricot blog.