JTS Receives Grant for Davidson School Strategic Planning

The William Davidson Graduate School of Jewish Education of The Jewish Theological Seminary (JTS) has received a grant from the AVI CHAI Foundation for the purpose of strategic and business planning that will enable it to strengthen its mission implementation and long-term financial position.

The new grant will enable the school to hire and work with consultants to produce a strategic business plan for increased institutional strength and sustainability. This plan will build on the success of previous Davidson School education projects geared toward professional development and curriculum design, and will provide the school’s leaders with a framework for cultivating future projects to further meet the needs of Jewish educational communities. This framework will include parameters to ensure that projects are sustainable for both JTS and the communities it serves. The plan will also identify ways that JTS can foster improved internal collaboration, so that all JTS faculty, staff and students can be more actively involved with Davidson School projects.

This grant is one of several that AVI CHAI intends to give over time as part of its capacity-building strategy, prior to its 2020 spend-down.