JFNA Grant Helps Grow Family Philanthropy

The Endowment Committee of The Jewish Federations of North America has recently made a $100,000 grant to the Andrea and Charles Bronfman Foundation to train Federation/foundation professionals in the most effective ways to interact with multiple generations of families that have major philanthropic interests.

Family philanthropy continues to exercise profound influence in our world of intergenerational giving. A number of large Federations and foundations have created units to assist families that have established major endowment funds with the Federation. Other communities have allocated significant resources to ensure that Federations effectively interact with multi-generational families in order to increase active involvement by the next generation in the life of the community. This single act has had profound consequences in local communities.

The training, made possible by The Jewish Federations of North America’s grant, will be managed by the Andrea and Charles Bronfman Foundation’s 21/64 division, under the direction of Sharna Goldseker. This unique project will be conducted at Federations over the next 18 months. Priority will be given to the collaborative model Federations that are engaged in a multi-year effort with The Jewish Federations of North America to improve fund development in their communities. This grant will create a network of trained professionals better able to help ensure that these families, and particularly their younger members, have positive experiences and will encourage them to deepen their involvement within the Federation world.

21/64 specializes in next generation and multi-generational strategic philanthropy. As families engage the next generation in their foundations, donor advised funds, and even private foundations, there is an increasing need for clarity, communication and multi-generational collaboration around values in philanthropy.

While these endeavors are wonderful opportunities for families to work together, challenges can and often do arise when multiple generations and family members with relationship dynamics begin to make decisions together. 21/64 offers consulting, speaking, training and uniquely developed resources to assist families during these times of generational transition.