Israel’s UN Envoy, Corruption and our Global Jewish Organizations

i24  is reporting that Israel’s UN envoy – Danny Danon – “arranged lucrative positions for his friends and their relatives within a department at the World Zionist Organization which he chaired between 2006 and 2015 in exchange for their backing during Likud’s primary elections…

The report said that Danon used his chairmanship of the WZO’s World Likud Department to appoint backers to positions in various national institutions that paid high paying salaries from public funds (emphasis added).”

Both Danon and the World Zionist Organization refuted the claims.

Additional reporting here from The Times of Israel.


The WZO, and KKL-JNF, have long histories of alleged corruption in Israel. Both organizations, along with the Jewish Agency, have hundreds of do-nothing politcal hacks on the payroll – a number in senior positions.

The Jewish Agency, already in a state of decline, and in order to command any respect in the Diaspora, needs to lessen its ties to the drama and alleged corruption rampant in Israel’s politics today.

The Agency’s board, along with the professional and lay leadership of both JFNA and UIA needs to step up to the plate, take full goverance responsibility, and select a non-politican as the next chair of the Jewish Agency.

Dan Brown, the founder of eJewish Philanthropy, is a former member of the Jewish Agency Assembly.