JAFI in Turmoil

According to an article in today’s Haaretz,

The Jewish Agency is planning to close one of its most historically important branches,
Immigration and Absorption Department, as part of a radical restructuring plan, Agency sources said Wednesday.

The plan, which Agency officials consider to be a major change in the identity of the organization that predates the creation of Israel and has existed in its current form since 1948, will introduce reforms aimed at addressing a series of financial and political blows that have plagued the organization in recent years.”

“The Agency has been taking punches from every direction in recent years; politically, organizationally and [in terms of] its image,” a senior Agency official said. Donations made by individuals in the U.S. Jewish community, which account for two-thirds of the Agency’s annual budget, have been in steady decline in recent years.

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updated 21 March: JAFI is apparently none to happy about this “leak” in yesterday’s paper; this article from today’s Jerusalem Post.

A related article by the astute Haviv Rettig, extremely relevant on so many levels, Analysis: Playing With Fire, here.

Stay tuned; we’re certainly in fluid and interesting times on this subject.