Introducing: Social Media Basics for Jewish Communal Professionals

social-media-agency-consultant2Blogging… Twitter… Facebook… RSS… Wikipedia… Flickr…. YouTube… Social Media… Tweet-up….

When people talk about using social media tools, do you feel like you missed the first day of school and can’t catch up?

Introducing a six-week webinar series specifically designed for professionals at Jewish organizations who want to learn the ropes of using social media tools at work. Over the course of the class, you’ll learn to navigate specific sites, improve your search skills, how to automate alerts, and have a solid foundation for using social media. Featured will be case studies of how Jewish organizations are using different tools to reach their audience.

The course will be taught by Leah Jones, founder of Natiiv Arts & Media and the former Digital-Culture Evangelist at Edelman PR. Leah specializes in coaching people in the use of social media and has worked with journalists, accountants, musicians, clergy, PR professionals and theaters since launching her own company earlier this year.

Each class will last one hour, beginning September 30th at 11AM Central. Leah has extended an additional $20. discount to our readers; simply use the code “ejewish” when registering.

You can find the complete schedule of topics, and registration information, here.