Introducing a New Dimension to Taglit Research: Nurturing Pride in Israel

Taglit-Birthright Israel Evaluation is the latest in a series of reports from the Cohen Center for Modern Jewish Studies (Brandeis University) that describe Taglit applicants and participants and assess the short-term impact of program participation. This report finds that the growth of the program in recent rounds has resulted in increased numbers of applicants from less engaged Jewish backgrounds. Researchers found, however, that despite the heavier participation of less Jewishly engaged participants, the program impact on Jewish attitudes and identity remained comparable to previous years.

For the report, click above for the Cohen Center site where you’ll find a link to the pdf.

In another recently released study Taglit Is for Israelis, Too, researchers interviewed Israeli participants in focus groups and observed their formal and informal interactions with the Diaspora trip participants. Several months later,  researchers surveyed over 400 Israeli soldiers who participated in Taglit trips. After the trips, the overwhelming majority of the Israeli participants agreed strongly that the program made them feel proud to be Israeli, proud of their military service, and proud of the State of Israel.