Inspirational Jewish Leadership Seminar for Teens

By Deborah L. Coltin

Lappin Foundation invites Jewish teens in grades 10-12 to participate in the Robert Israel Lappin Jewish Youth Leadership Seminar. This new leadership seminar was inspired by the values and leadership of philanthropist Robert Israel Lappin, who passed away in April at the age of 98. There is no cost for teens to participate.

Six thought-provoking presentations, meaningful independent activities, and written reflections are designed to stimulate minds, nurture souls and set teens on a path of inspirational Jewish leadership. Facilitators include: Dr. Noam Weissman, Senior Vice President of Education at OpenDor Media; Rabbi Marc Baker, President and CEO of Combined Jewish Philanthropies; and Ariela HaLevi, Co-founder and Director of Healing of Soul Centered. A Certificate of Achievement will be awarded upon completion of the seminar.

Robert Lappin was an influential Jewish role model for individuals of all ages, especially Jewish teens. Best known for creating Lappin Foundation’s Youth to Israel Adventure (Y2I) 50 years ago and funding it ever since, Robert Lappin was a driving force in Y2I’s success. Y2I includes: monthly pre and post-trip Israel programming for teens and parents; a fully-subsidized two-week community teen trip to Israel; and Jewish and Israel advocacy training for teens during and after the trip.

Robert Lappin was a tireless advocate for getting Jewish teens to Israel en masse before they go to college. He believed the teen Israel experience, including Jewish and Israel advocacy training during and after the trip, promotes Jewish continuity and effectively prepares Jewish college students to deal with campus anti-Semitism.

Deborah L. Coltin is the president and executive director of Lappin Foundation. She can be reached at