Hebrew Charter School Center Continues to Grow

The Hebrew Charter School Center continues to grow and will enroll more than 1,500 students in their network of schools during 2014-15, representing a 50 percent increase over the current school year.

In the five currently operating schools, the students’ parents come from 78 different countries and more than 25 different languages are spoken in the homes.

In 2014-15, the network will include Hebrew Language Academy in Brooklyn (serving grades K-5); Hatikvah International Academy in New Brunswick, N.J. (serving grades K-5); Harlem Hebrew (serving grades K-2); Sela Public Charter School in Washington, D.C. (serving grades Pre-K-2); Kavod Elementary in San Diego (serving grades K-3); and Lashon Academy in Los Angeles (serving grades K-2). Across the schools, 1,894 applications were received for 583 available spaces.