Memo to Board Members: Give, Get, or Get Off!

from Contributions Magazine:

Getting Your Board to Give (and Give Big)

by Jerold Panas

Paul Folino is Chair of the Performing Arts Center in Orange County, California. Recently we had a conversation about the importance of board members giving to their organizations.

What Paul tells me may surprise you. “Here, the stated expectation is $50,000 a year,” he says. “If they can’t meet that, they’re asked to serve in some other capacity, perhaps on a committee.”

I’m incredulous. “Do you mean every trustee gives $50,000 a year?”

“Yes they do,” he says emphatically.

But that’s not all. Paul says each trustee is expected to bring in at least that much from others in the county.

“We follow the dictum: Give, Get, or Get off!”