Former Head of London’s Beit Din Calls for Boycott of Limmud

Stating that “Limmud and similar organisations espouse the ethos of pluralism” and participation “would bring about tragic consequences for Anglo Jewry”, the former head of London’s Beit Din has called for a boycott of Limmud.

Anti limmud_edit[4]

The campaign is a result of Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis’s decision to attend the annual event. His predecessor, Lord Sacks – despite expressing warm words privately for Limmud, always chose not to attend in deference to the more stringent members of the community. At the time of the Mirvis announcement, London’s Beth Din – while expressing concern – recognized that the choice belonged to the chief rabbi.

Established over 30 years ago in the U.K., the cross-communal Limmud is often referred to as British Jewry’s most significant contribution to the Jewish world.