Finally Using my Own Product: A Personal Case Study

By Josh Gold

It’s a little embarrassing how long it’s taken me to sample my own product.

I’m always telling clients that they need to make video a priority; I’m always, always hyping up the value of the investment. But when it came to making one for myself, I fell victim to the same stumbling blocks everyone always does: I was busy; I needed to get the time and money together; I had back-ups I could rely on in the meantime.

It took a backseat for way, way too long. The thing is, though, now that it’s here, I’m not going to be able to play it cool or casual.

All I want to do is talk about how great it feels to be able to point to this video and say: Check this out to understand what Serio Films can do for you. It expresses what we’re all about, sells our product, in a way I’ve never been able to do before.

Now, I’m passionate about using video to help nonprofits grow and can talk about it all day.

I’ve had a lot to say about the identity film in particular, an interview-based format that lets staff, supporters, and others talk about why they value your institution, why they care so much about who you are and what you do. I’ve explained many times that this candidness and authenticity are a powerful combination for helping you connect with viewers on a deeper, more emotionally resonant level.

After all that talk, this is the first time I’ve ever experienced it for myself.

In the past, I’ve had clients express their appreciation for the work we do together. I’ve heard about video showings that moved the audience to tears. I’ve been told that some clients go back and watch the video when they want to remind themselves what it’s all for. But seeing the story of my own company laid out like that, a narrative that expresses everything I’ve ever hoped about the role I play for these organizations… There really is nothing like it.

I’ve never been so sure of my own product. My clients aren’t biased by the professional or creative interests that motivate me. When they talk about what Serio Films has done for them, I trust their judgment above my own. In fact, they’re able to talk to other potential clients in a way that I can’t. They understand their side of the equation better than I ever could. They know what other people need to hear in order to buy into what I’m selling – because they’ve been there.

In fact, they’ve sold me on the power of video all over again. If you can’t commit to making a video right now, it’s worth your time to take your iPhone or Android, find a quiet room, sit down with someone who cares about your organization, and just let them talk.

The value of sincere feedback cannot be overstated. Capture it; save it; don’t let it go to waste.

If you don’t feel that the result is polished enough for your website, post it on Facebook and see how it resonates.

Consider how many different kinds of effective videos you can make – videos that speak to new prospects, or to donors with questions and concerns, or to those at some other point on the marketing funnel.

It’s worth it. Trust me on this one.

Josh Gold, owner of Serio Films, has helped nonprofits raise millions of dollars through video-based marketing. You can follow Josh and his team over at and