Bikkurim Announces New Initiative for Post-Start-Up Phase

In spring 2012, Bikkurim identified significant gaps in the support of post-start-up organizations. Today, Bikkurim announces a new initiative to address this need.

Through Atid Hazak (Strong Future) Bikkurim will provide a bridge to enable second-stage Jewish organizations to strengthen their foundations as they mature.

“Over the past decade, we have seen a surge in Jewish start-up organizations. Now, these organizations are reaching the next level of maturity, but there are fewer available resources,” Aliza Mazor, executive director of Bikkurim, told eJP. “We want to ensure that no high-impact organization fails because of our failure to address their needs.”

In the pilot phase, Bikkurim and the Natan Fund will contribute approximately $255,000 in funds and assistance over two years to Hazon, a Jewish environmental group founded in 2000. Together, the funds and guidance will enable Hazon to strengthen its operations and build its capacity for future growth.

Atid Hazak is a direct out-growth of the recommendations set forth in, “From First Fruits to Abundant Harvest: Maximizing the Potential of Innovative Start-Ups,” a 2012 study that was published by Bikkurim, Wellspring Consulting, and six partner organizations. The report found that the Jewish community lacked a coordinated funding and capacity-building mechanism attuned to the unique needs of post-start-ups.