Back to Basics: The New Web Site Essentials

Navigation, page length, and site organization still matter in our Web 2.0 age.

we learn from Guidestar,

Almost every organization today, from the small one-person nonprofit to the private-sector independent contractor, has a Web site. A Web presence is essential and has been for years. And just like anything that has been around for a while, every now and then things need to be revamped and reevaluated.

With the advances in technology, specifically Web 2.0 functionality, nonprofits should revisit their Web sites and determine whether they are up to par with today’s savvy, particular Web site visitor.

In order to embrace the advancing technologies, nonprofits should first evaluate their current Web sites to ensure that overall design and layout are acceptable by current standards. Here are some basic questions to ask when evaluating current Web site design and structure:

1. Is it is easy to find the organization’s contact information? Is the link on every page?
Today’s Web users can get frustrated when information is not easy to find or is buried under pages of content.

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