Are You Ready to Be a Hero?

If so, listen up.

Team SuperJews is coming to a computer near you!

Team SuperJews – a clandestine unit of Jewish civilian “secret super agents” dedicated to the common cause of helping people in need – is on the way. Team members, recognizable by the signature SJ belt buckle, are recruited for their extraordinary skills and talents, as well as their passionate concern for the welfare of the Jewish people.

Spearheaded by United Jewish Communities and the Jewish Federation system, with an all-star team of partners, they invite you to join their ranks and help change and strengthen the Jewish community by taking part in the debut year of an international event, a Facebook-based Chanukah Color War.

Missions will be online acts of good for the Jewish world – both interesting and fun – none will take more than a few minutes to complete. The more people on your team who complete each day’s mission, the higher your team’s score will be. You’ll be kept updated on the score each day, and at the end of the eight-day Color War Team SuperJews will award Gold, Silver or Bronze medals to all participants for their Facebook profiles.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick your Color Wars team, and join the 500+ who have already signed up. Then tell your family, your Facebook friends, your colleagues, your real friends, and even passing strangers to step up and join the SuperJews in this groundbreaking campaign.

And stay tuned – Team SuperJews debuts shortly.