Applications Open: Young Bukharian Leadership Institute

JCCA’s Young Bukharian Leadership Institute is a 10-month leadership program that helps young Bukharian professionals connect and engage with American Jewish community. The program will broaden the horizons of the participants and simultaneously educate their American peers about the Bukharian Jewish community.

The goal is to create bridges and connections between Bukharian and non-Bukharian Jews to foster healthy, mutual respect and understanding between communities and strengthen their Jewish Identity.

To achieve these goals, this year’s program will include the following:

  • hands-on experience in creation of your own 501(c)3 non-profit organization
  • create a mission statement and define goals and objectives
  • enable participants to play an active role in the Bukharian Jewish Community
  • connect participants to the larger Jewish community

For more information, contact Manashe Khaimov at 914-364-2572 or email