Adventures in Hebrew Land

Lots of happy children were seen around Beit Hatfutsot this past Friday morning for the opening of A-B-See-Do at the Family Gallery. This new exhibition’s goal is to expose children and adults to the essence of the Hebrew language and also language in general.

Through play, discovery and investigation, the exhibition broadens the visitor’s understanding of the role of language in everyday events and culture, while promoting family fun and learning. According to a post in the museum entrance, “Communication is the foundation of every community. Through language people are able to understand and be understood by others in their community. Our appreciation of the Hebrew language and recognition of its importance in helping to create the culture in which we live is the basis for this unique exhibition.”

This exhibition is the first of its kind in which the Hebrew language is presented in an experimental, interactive and entertaining way. And by the looks on the children’s faces, a good time was being had by all.

The Gallery is a joint initiative of the Nadav Fund and the Government of Israel. For more information, visit