A Very Green TuBiShvat

The use of Facebook in the Jewish philanthropic world is growing as more organizations experiment with this ever expanding channel. Now from JGooders, we have a fundraising project centered around TuBiShvat and being promoted through Facebook Causes:

n48314023796_1180This TuBiShvat – vote to make a difference and help environmental projects continue their important work.

Two simple ways you can help environmental organizations in Israel and the United States – with just a click of the mouse.

1. Go to JGooders’s Green Page and click on the environmental projects that you would like to support (as many as you would like). The project receiving the most unique hits at the end of the week will receive $500 towards their work.

2. Take the next step, and after voting, donate to the project of your choice. Donations of all amounts are welcome – because the project receiving the most unique donations (regardless of amount) will have JGooders match the contributions up to $1000.

Tu BiShvat – a Jewish holiday traditionally associated with nature, is the perfect opportunity to make your voice heard – and to help save the environment.

Voting has already begun and continues through February 14th.

For more on JGooders check out our post Think Big to Make Change Happen.

Are you experimenting with Facebook, Twitter or other new media to expand your reach? It’s not for every event, or even for every organization; but you owe it to yourself and your supporters to at least consider these new tools and examine how they might help your organization grow in 2009.