7 Free Tools to Use to Run a Successful NGO

Screen-Shot-2016-02-09-at-10.48.08-AMBy Zo Flamenbaum

The very small, heart and soul filled team needed the bare basics of what every good event needs to succeed – stellar organization, event promotion, and a prime social media strategy to ensure the festival was seen successfully.

School of Shine, a women’s wellness community and resource hub headquartered in Tel Aviv, was planning its first large scale event in honor of International Women’s Day. Challenged with time, people, and resources, it was going to take a miracle to make this festival a reality.

Luckily, as the Founder of School of Shine, I also work for BOMAH, a digital storytelling agency which specializes in storytelling, social media strategy and event promotion. I knew I needed a way to share my story and involve the community in my cause.

And then it all came together. Using the tools I use day-to-day to manage clients and events, I understood just how much I had to work with when it came to making the festival come to life.

Thanks to the expansive opportunities technology offers us today, here are 7 free tools to take advantage of on the daily to help run your NGO.

1. Canva

If Instagram made everyone a professional photographer, Canva just created a new wave of graphic designers. Use this tool to create professional images, social media graphics, invitations, business cards, email headers, letterhead and more for stunning and professional marketing materials.

2. Pexels

Buying images online? No thanks. Now, there are a wide range of sites which are filled with free and high quality stock images which allow you to beautifully convey your message. Check out the large selection of photos at Pexels by using the search bar to type in whatever you need. Be creative with your descriptive words and see an exciting world of imagery open – for free.

3. Buffer

Buffer is the social media manager you’ve always wanted but can’t yet afford. It allows you to schedule posts in advance to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. As a bonus it automatically monitors the success of your posts and schedules them to your channels for the most optimal times. It also lets you link your personal account, so you can share your personal and professional stories in one simple platform.

4. Magisto

An easy to use app, Magisto helps you create your story in a cool video format. Choose the style, music, and vibe, and share behind the scenes footage from your office, events, or festival in a way that will make everyone want in on the fun. Take video snippets and photos and the app will create a one-of-a-kind mashup to show your audience.

5. Mapme

Providing a simple yet stellar service, Mapme enables NGOs to build beautiful maps to showcase anything. Map local destinations, your favorite spots, partners you work with or support, and provide descriptions about them. Mapme is a great way to take your professional network to the next level.

6. Swanscreen

To keep up with the social media frenzy and get people engaged at your events, use this awesomely free platform to live-display your photos and videos posted on Twitter and Instagram. An elevated way to engage attendees at any event, Swanscreen is simple to use and doesn’t require much from your side to entertain your guests.

7. Facebook Insights Made Simple

Having social media channels isn’t enough anymore – in today’s world it’s increasingly valuable to monitor and understand what is actually working for you – or not. BOMAH has developed a new platform made to simplify stats, specifically Facebook Insights. By providing an easy way to understand what’s happening on your page, it enables a strategic and straightforward way to make the most of social media.

If you want to share your organization’s story, start today!

Zo Flamenbaum is a New Jersey native who made Aliyah to Tel Aviv over 5 years ago. She now works as the Chief of Content and Strategy for BOMAH, and runs School of Shine as a passion project to shine on the Tel Aviv community and beyond.