Amidst the Turmoil, a Model Seder Takes Place in Ukraine


The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (The Fellowship), in partnership with The Jewish Agency, organized a model seder last week for children in Ukraine. Photos by Moshe Bukhman, courtesy The Fellowship … [Read more...]

Applications Open for PresenTense Baltic States Accelerator

PT Riga

Know any social entrepreneurs in Latvia, Estonia or Lithuania? PresenTense, The Jewish Agency and Migrash are kicking off their FIRST accelerator for the Baltic states, based in Riga, Latvia! Apply to the Newdoor Riga program by Thursday April 10th. … [Read more...]

What People are Saying About The Government of Israel and World Jewry Joint Initiative

Readers weigh in on the draft report - “The Initiative: Ways to the Jewish Future": Rabbi Charles Lebow writes: Where should I start? From the report: “This initiative is animated by the ambition to nurture Jews who are eager to integrate Jewish values and practices with universal thinking. This concept can be captivating to millions of young Jews.” Do they really think that young Jews are “eager to integrate Jewish values and practices with universal thinking”? And if they would, do they really think that with this integration that our problems would somehow be solved? What research has been done to confirm this? I see nothing new in this report. The recommendations are about throwing more money into the same things that are already being done by the Jewish Agency (more … [Read more...]

Status Update: The Government of Israel and World Jewry Joint Initiative


Following up on last week's "Online Jam Session" organized by the Government of Israel and World Jewry Joint Initiative, a draft report from the Content Team - "The Initiative: Ways to the Jewish Future" has been distributed. from the report: Next Steps "The recommendations in this paper make possible the next steps in this continuing conversation between the Government of Israel and the Jewish world. While the focus of this paper is the proposed content for the Initiaitive, the organization of the operational model - who will make decisions and how - remains under discussion. The Government will draft a resolution to increase dramatically its investment in securing the Jewish future. The content development will continue to advance, including the detailing of an implementation plan. The … [Read more...]

Jewish Agency to Extend Emergency Assistance to Ukraine’s Jewish Community

The Jewish Agency has announced it will extend immediate emergency assistance to the Jewish community of Ukraine and will help secure Jewish institutions in the country. The immediate assistance will come from The Jewish Agency's Emergency Assistance Fund for Jewish Communities. The fund was established in the wake of the horrific March 2012 terror attack in Toulouse, in which a Jewish teacher and three Jewish schoolchildren were murdered. The fund provides financial assistance to Jewish communities that have security concerns, strengthening security measures and helping to ensure that Jewish life takes places in safety. The fund has thus far extended some $4 million in financial assistance, helping to ensure the security of some 50 communities in 25 countries, including communities in South … [Read more...]

Full Subsidy is the Only Way to Go

The Jewish Agency’s belief that a heavily subsidized trip will significantly increase teen travel to Israel is an illusion. … [Read more...]