Israel Welcomes Bnei Menashe Olim

A group of the 275 Bnei Menashe immigrants recently arrived in Israel with the assistance of Shavei Israel. The immigrants hail from a number of states in the northeastern part of India, along the border with Burma and Bangladesh.

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  1. says

    It’s heart worming to see the efforts of some Americans with a good will, helping my brothers of Bnei Menashe to immigrate to Israel. Yet, as an Israeli born in Israel, I’m personally against encouraging Jews to immigrate to Israel (with one exception: a case where a Jew may loose his life for being a Jew wherever he lives). Here are few of my reasons for this opinion:
    1st, I’m anti-antiSemitism in any country, which means that I’ll do my best to fight it. Since for over 2000 years Jews survived all over the world without having a Sovereignty, they should continue doing it, and therefore should not be encouraged to leave and go to israel (in a way doung it is like a victory for antisemitism!). Therefore, I would go the places where Jews like Bnie Menashe live and asist them to suirvive wherever they are.
    2nd, as things are now, the state of Israel has enough people. It will not take too long, and the whole of Israel will turn into one huge city from north to south, without much green. And like in other overpopulated countries, many would seek to immigrate to other countries! (so why bring more).