Where’s Waldo (aka Yossi)?

I finally caught up with Yossi Abramowitz last night. If you remember, he was the energetic CEO of Jewish Family and Life who resigned two years ago to move to the Negev and sort-of retire.

Or for those of you in a different demographic, his wife, Rabbi Susan Silverman is the sister of Sarah.

We were part of a small host group of Israeli bloggers invited to meet with the visiting American Internet gurus here for a whirlwind trip to attend an Innovation Israel blogging expedition. Rebecca Markowitz, from illuminea (eJewish Philanthropy’s web marketing consultants), wrote a great post for IsraelPlug on the visit.

Back to Yossi, I know many of you wonder what he could possibly be doing way down there on Kibbutz Ketura. If you know him, even by reputation, you know he doesn’t sit still. In his own words:

“So about 24 hours after going into semi-retirement in the middle of nowhere, an idea, and eventually a company was born.”

For all of Yossi’s latest doings, check out Peoplehood.org; today’s post will give you a pretty good update.