The Week That Was: January 22-28

In today’s world, no nonprofit organization would think twice about collecting, and hopefully analyzing, information about their donors. So too, with website traffic. For how else can one effectively judge site visitors’ demographics and interests?

Based on site and RSS feed analytics, here – in descending order – are the five most popular posts on eJewish Philanthropy last week:

Scrapping Synagogue Dues
by Dan Judson

A case study of one synagogue that radically altered their dues system and found more money, more members and more harmony.

Foundation for Jewish Camp Nadiv Program Moves Forward

The Foundation for Jewish Camps announces the selected camps, and schools, for a pilot initiative to create senior experiential Jewish educator positions to be shared by nonprofit Jewish overnight camps and Jewish day or synagogue schools.

Teens Seek Something Greater than Themselves
by Matt Grossman

From my perspective, here is how the Jewish community can and must raise the bar on teen engagement.

End the Polemics and Restore Dialogue to the Jewish Community
by Avi Herring

Over the past several decades, two of the pillars of American Jewish communal consensus – fighting anti-Semitism and supporting Israel unconditionally – have crumbled. But instead of exploring why our consensus has fallen apart and working together to find new areas of agreement, we often hurl offensive polemics against one another. What little structured Jewish communal conversation that exists is descending into dysfunction.

YU Students Talk Tachlis about Social Justice
by Abigail Pickus

Tucked away in an office in South Tel Aviv, a group of unlikely bedfellows engaged in some weighty conversation. Stav Shafir, one of the most prominent leaders of the social protest movement that shook up Israel this past summer, and a group of Stern College for Women students of Yeshiva University in New York, talked tachlis about social justice.

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