Summer of Innovation

Four weeks and counting. That’s the time remaining to opening days for both the 3rd ROI Summit and the 2nd season of the PresenTense Institute.

Their staffs are gathering in Jerusalem; many arrived last week for the Facing Tomorrow Presidential Conference.

It’s time for the last minute planning and decisions.

Meanwhile, past participants continue to make news. ROI just announced a list of previous summit participants who have received small program grants to help launch some innovative new projects.

Today, we introduce two of the new eclectic endeavors; both are Internet related ventures whose roots were planted respectively in Jerusalem and Kiev.

First:, an English language culture guide to Jerusalem has just priemiered.

The goal for this brand new web site is to be a resource for readers worldwide: students, temporary workers, visitors, volunteers, olim and of course, residents and tourists. Also, anyone who cares deeply about our city and is unable to visit.

Jerusalemite also plans to serve as a hub for all things cultural in Jerusalem, both reporting on and assisting with the promotion.

As a fellow Jerusalem resident, Baruch Ha’Ba as we look forward to learning so much more about our incredible city.

BTW, the photo is of the controversial and just completed Bridge of Strings, designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, and located at the entrance to Jerusalem. Check the link for more on the Bridge from

For more on the Summer of Innovation and to meet another ROI grant recipient, check out Jewlicious Goes International.

Stay tuned to eJewish Philanthropy as the Summer of Innovation begins. We have a lot coming your way, including some major news.

updated May 25: this crop of ROI grant recipients hail from the four corners of the world. You can learn about some of their endeavors at