Reminder: Enter the Where Do You Give? National Design Competition

Students under 18 years of age:

As you know, many people give tzedakah by collecting coins in a can, in a bowl or in a box. But do these containers really inspire people to give? If you could create something that would inspire people to give money to those in need and reflect your values of giving, what would it look like?

Show us! Enter the Where Do You Give? National Design Competition and design a tzedakah box that will get people to give.

Three student winners will be featured in a traveling design exhibit alongside professional artists and designers. Talk about a great thing to have on your college application!

Don’t wait! The deadline to enter is March 26, 2012. Enter now by clicking here.

Over 18? Submit to our main competition here. Adults have the chance of winning a $2500 cash prize and an opportunity to travel internationally! JUST ANNOUNCED: The deadline has been extended to March 9, 2012!

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