Jewish Agency Expands Israel Emissary Program in North America

Jewish Agency Emissaries will, for first time, serve directly in Synagogues in New York City, Greater Washington D.C. and San Antonio, in addition to federations, campuses, JCCs and movements.

The Jewish Agency (JAFI) has expanded the number of emissaries for next year by 20 percent. And for the first time ever, JAFI is recruiting Israelis who identify with a specific stream of Judaism and embedding them into Synagogues.

The total delegation will include 240 Shlichim. This includes 10 additional Young Shlichim, bringing the total to 53; 10 additional campus Shlichim, called Jewish Agency Israel Fellows to Hillel, bringing the total to 60; and there will be seven Shlichim serving individual congregations in New York City, San Antonio and Washington D.C.

The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington has partnered with The Jewish Agency to pilot the synagogue emissary model.

“American Jewish life lives in the Synagogue more than anywhere else, and the vast majority of American Jews relate to their Jewish identity in a primarily religious way,” said Anton Goodman, community Shaliach for Greater Washington. “This new model will not only enable American Jews to connect with Israelis who share many of their Jewish values, it will also empower Israelis with a better understanding of American Judaism and inspire them to impact Israeli Jewish life on their return.”