Jerusalem U Rebrands as OpenDor Media

Nonprofit educational media company Jerusalem U announced today that it will rename the organization OpenDor Media.

The new name focuses on OpenDor Media’s mission of informing and educating the current generation – dor in Hebrew – through media. This name replaces Jerusalem U, which often was confused with a university.

The name change also comes after a two-year investment expanding the types of content produced by the nonprofit. In 2018 OpenDor Media launched a 54-part series on modern Israeli history on its YouTube channel Unpacked. The same year, it also launched a new robust online resource, Upacked for Educators, making past and present content easily available online. The production and distribution of feature-length documentaries under the Imagination Productions name will continue, reaching millions of viewers through digital platforms like Netflix and Amazon.

Accompanying the name change is a new visual identity and revamped website that showcases the company’s evolution and highlights its three divisions, Unpacked, Unpacked for Educators and Imagination Productions.

We live in a world where technology has removed barriers to education. Learners now have instant access to a growing digital library of Judaism and Israel-focused resources. We are opening the door for people to access Jewish education whenever and however they want to learn.” Dina Rabhan, CEO of OpenDor Media told eJP.