In The Press

A selection of recent articles and postings around the nonprofit world you may find of interest; first in our Jewish world followed by some links to recent non-profit blog posts.

Study: Consultants May Hold the Key to Future of Synagogues

A new study examining efforts at long-range planning in synagogues found that — under the right conditions — outside consultants, if armed with an understanding of both the business and the nonprofit worlds, can help congregations formulate strategic blueprints for the future. But the encouraging findings contained in “Strategic Planning in Congregations: Capitalizing on Opportunities for Organizational Change” came with a few caveats.

Annual Survey of State Laws Regulating Charitable Solicitations

Did you know that over 40 states require nonprofits conducting online fundraising campaigns to register with their state? This includes any other state into which solicitations (including e-mail) are directed.

Non-Profits on Video: Using YouTube to Promote Your Cause

Conventional wisdom says that it is the small nonprofit organizations who stand most to benefit from Web 2.0 opportunities, where so much can be accomplished for such a small investment of time and resources.

Online video, for example, puts multimedia broadcasting into the hands of organizations that could never afford to buy television air time. There’s no charge to post an unlimited number of video on YouTube, for example, and a camera and computer are all the gear you need to get started.

But is online video-sharing really a useful communication tool for you? Is it an effective way of connecting with others who share your interests, and spreading your nonprofit’s message?

The Real Cost of Fund-Raiser Turnover

All those empty offices in the fund-raising department are costing organizations millions of dollars. With demand for fund raisers at an all-time high, turnover has become a major concern for many organizations.

The Slumping Stock Market Cuts Into Giving

The stock market’s slide has begun to affect a fast-growing type of giving.

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund — which raises more than all but three other charities in the country according to The Chronicle’s Philanthropy 400 rankings — says contributions dipped by 8 percent in the first quarter of 2008 compared with the first quarter of 2007.