First-hand: The IDF in Haiti

from Israel 21c:

“We worked until we collapsed”

Dr. Ian Miskin, one of Israel’s foremost infectious disease specialists, admits it will take time for him to fully internalize his experiences in post-earthquake Haiti. For two weeks he was totally immersed in aiding rescue missions and treating survivors rescued from the rubble.

There were some uplifting experiences, he says, such as when he helped to treat a child who had been rescued after being trapped under debris for a full week, but he also witnessed many deaths. It was like nothing he had seen before.

… According to Miskin, on a professional level, the team learned much from the experience. “We made plans in advance – some worked out, some didn’t. To set up a field hospital was the correct decision. It was the only one in Haiti for five days. We also had a pretty sophisticated patient identification system – each patient was photographed on arrival and had an electronic record of his treatment that went with him.”