What is the Most Popular Way to Spell Hanukkah?

According to Evite, a leading digital invitation and social event planning brand, with no one, right way to spell the Hebrew word for the Festival of Lights, it begs the question: what is the most popular way to spell Hanukkah?

Culled from folks who sent Hanukkah-related invitations on Evite in 2011, here are the

Top 8 Ways to Spell (C)Hanuk(k)a(h)

  1. HANUKKA 23%
  2. HANUKKAH 22%
  3. HANUKA 13%
  4. HANUKAH 12%
  5. CHANUKA 11%
  6. CHANUKAH 10%
  7. HANNUKA 5%
  8. HANNUKAH 4%
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  1. evite? nah, use googlefight.com – hanukkah is so far ahead…. http://www.googlefight.com/index.php?lang=en_GB&word1=hanukka&word2=hanukkah#

  2. I just added this discussion to the entry for Hanukkah in the Jewish English Lexicon:

  3. Meryl Gallatin says:

    Still go for Chanukah in all my written mail, cards, etc

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