The New Dynamic Between Israel and the Jewish World

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by Dvir Kahana Over the next few weeks, the Government of Israel will decide upon a crucial resolution which will have a lasting impact on Diaspora relations. The Joint Initiative of the Government of Israel and World Jewry is a new blueprint we expect will strengthen Jewish identity and bolster Israel-Diaspora ties for years to come. While there are many programs around the world which share these goals, Israel has, up to now, only contributed a small percentage of the funds needed to keep them running. If the initiative is green-lighted, it will mean that the Government of Israel agrees to raise the bar and contribute more resources over the next decade. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Netanyahu, the Ministry of Jerusalem and Diaspora Affairs has been leading the establishment of … [Read more...]

Govn’t Committee Recommeds Stripping Hadassah WZOA of Hospital Board Control


As for the Hadassah Organization, the Gabbay Committee says, "Besides raising donations on a huge scale, the Hadassah Organization failed to properly manage the hospital during the crisis." It recommends appointing a completely independent board of directors, where no party will have a veto. from Globes: Gabbay C'ttee: Take the hospital away from Hadassah "Almost everyone involved in the matter has a hand in bringing Hadassah Medical Center to its present condition," is the conclusion of the Gabbay Committee... Gabbay does not recommend nationalizing the hospital, as proposed by Ministry of Health director general Prof. Ronny Gamzo, recommending instead keeping it without a controlling core. In effect, the Gabbay Committee recommends leaving the hospital's current owner, Hadassah Women's … [Read more...]

A Good Beginning

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Today’s philanthropy is more and more about partnerships, about measurable outcomes and the distribution of resources. by Shari Eshet It is a rare day when all the stars and the heavens come together; one recent Tuesday was such a day. Thirteen Haredi women, each from a different stream of the Haredi mosaic, graduated from a new program that provides them with opportunities to work in Israel. The project, which trains Haredi women to work in their communities as early childhood counselors, originated at the National Council of Jewish Women’s Research Institute for Innovation in Education at Hebrew University and is supported by the Hadassah Foundation. Like all mothers, the women wanted to give their children a good beginning. Moreover, they came with a plan to enter the workforce … [Read more...]

A New Generation of Storytellers

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by Brachie Sprung and Ido Levit Not long ago, 60 of Israel’s most influential young leaders and activists met for an intense 43 hours in the Judaean Hills to ... tell stories. … [Read more...]

Camp Kimama: Strengthening Israeli and Diaspora Ties Through Camp


by Karine E. Brown Israel's declaration as a State in 1948 brought thousands of eager volunteers, Zionist and wondering tourists to the country to discover the rebirth of the Jewish homeland. These visits created fond memories, deep connections and strong bonds between Jews living in the country to the ones who returned to their hometowns in the Diaspora. As time went by and new generations came to be, those same visitors were looking for ways to connect their children to Israel so they too could feel and experience the same love for the country as they do. However, the lack of programs and fading dreams of the Zionist country posed an even greater worry to the Jewish nation's next generation: assimilation and disconnection from both Judaism and Israel. Realizing this fear, within the past … [Read more...]

Israeli Philanthropy Up 21% 2009-2011


Israelis contributed NIS 5.7 billion in 2011, up from NIS 4.1 billion in 2009, to nonprofit organizations in Israel. This according to a just released report by Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), Committed to Give and Yad Hanadiv. The same report indicates foreign donations increased 10% during the period. This is the first ever mapping of philanthropy in Israel by the CBS. … [Read more...]