Catalyzing Social Change in Tel Aviv

What happens when you cross a community center space with the need to enhance social responsibility awareness in Israel? The People’s Council‘s first Pop-Up Café.

Opening for a nine day run beginning March 28th, the goal is to create a physical space for meaningful interactions and community activity. Accordingly, the theme for Israel’s first Pop-Up Café is Interactions. Each day they will explore a different aspect of our lives that we interact with: our self, the environment, neighbors, diaspora, family/relationships, spirituality, technology and social action.

According to co-founder Inbal Baum, “Tel Aviv (and Israel) is ripe for a community center where internationals and Israelis have a physical (offline!) space for interesting events. The Pop-Up Cafe is a way to bring people together in an environment where they can feel comfortable to interact with and meet their neighbors in a meaningful way.”

The cafe has a full schedule of events taking place daily morning, noon and night. Of special note is a Kabbalat Shabbat community dinner and an especially diverse Shabbat program for single adults.

about: The People’s Council is a Tel Aviv based organization developed to catalyze social change in their own city by providing local organizations with a vibrant “community center” space to run events and gatherings in order to enhance social responsibility awareness for both individuals and businesses.

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  1. Great idea… looking forward to seeing how it goes.

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