Young Israel Threatens Synagogue Over Female President

from The Jewish Week:

Young Israel Movement In Turmoil Over Upstate Shul

In the wake of an unprecedented move by the National Council of Young Israel to expel a member congregation in upstate Syracuse, a rebellion is brewing among some of the Orthodox congregations affiliated with the movement.

The planned vote on the expulsion of Shaarei Torah Orthodox Congregation of Syracuse – and possible legal action to seize the synagogue’s assets – was said by the National Council to be over the synagogue’s failure to pay $20,000 in back dues. The National Council withdrew the matter at the last minute to permit time for a negotiated settlement, and cited those talks as the reason for its refusal to discuss the matter with The Jewish Week.

… The Syracuse congregation, however, contends that the real reason for the planned expulsion was its election of a woman president several years ago.