Yeshiva University Extends $1b Fundraising Campaign

YU studentsYeshiva University recently announced that it was embarking on “Mandate to Matter,” an aggressive drive to both complete the final stages of a $1 billion capital campaign [launched in 2006] and to raise an additional $400 million for undergraduate scholarships, a core university priority.

The $1 billion campaign – a university-wide campaign encompassing Yeshiva’s undergraduate, graduate and professional schools and affiliates – was launched with an initial record-breaking $100 million gift from industrialist Ronald P. Stanton. In total, it has raised some $800 million.

These commitments have enabled YU to increase financial assistance to deserving students, strengthen its faculty, research, and academic programs, and enhance the quality of student life, campus infrastructure and community outreach.

Flipping the normal paradigm in rabbinical fund raising, YU launched “Eleph L’matah,”  – a direct ask to rabbis who have received ordination from YU and its Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary. Through mid-June, “Eleph L’matah” raised $135k. Rabbinic alumni dues have resulted in another $50k and donations to the rabbinic alumni welfare fund (which is for helping out fellow rabbis) has raised an additional $25k.