Where Are Your Supporters?

from NetWit’s Think Tank:

Do You Know Your Supporters?

Nonprofits have an interesting challenge facing them. The ever growing social networking landscape makes it difficult to know if an existing or new supporter of yours is active on any of the current social networks (let alone the ones that haven’t been dreamed up yet). How do you figure out if someone who volunteers for you is using Facebook or if a donor is active on Twitter? How do you know if an advocate is using YouTube to promote your case or Blogging to increase the public’s awareness of a topic you support?

This isn’t a new challenge by any means, but it is one that’s becoming more complicated to solve. It’s sort of like going from basic math to solving Trigonometric Theorems. Remember Ptolemy’s Theorem? Yea, me neither.

You might be asking you self, why? Why does it matter if I know whether or not a donor is active on Facebook or Twitter? Or you may be thinking that your organization doesn’t use social media or any social networking sites. You could event be thinking that this is all too overwhelming and that you don’t have the time to figure out which of your supporters is using a particular social networking site. That’s understandable, but I’d ask that you keep reading. I’ve got a few ideas that you should consider and a great tool to help you solve this problem.