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5 Mistakes Nonprofit Websites Make

The first website went up 18 years ago this month. Websites have done a lot of growing up since those early days, but there are still a lot of common mistakes that nonprofits make online.

Back Away From That Spreadsheet: Why Excel Isn’t a Donor Database

It’s quick, easy, and you already have it.  Excel seems like it might be a great fit to manage your donor data.  But just back away from that spreadsheet – there’s a lot of reasons why it’s not a good idea.

Key Steps to Starting a Social-Enterprise Venture

In the webinar “Charity? Or Mission-Driven Business?”, Jean Block and Randy Gleason, principals of Social Enterprise Ventures, explained the basics of social enterprise and shared tips regarding the necessary steps involved in getting started.

The Tools Every Charity Should Have in Its Online Fundraising Toolbox

Imagine you’re in the elevator of an e-philanthropy department store, and you’re ready to shop …

Tips for Maximizing Facebook and Your Web Site

Four Facebook tips for nonprofit success based on real-life experiences of nonprofits