U.K. Mobile Operators to Provide 100% of SMS Donations

02, the U.K.’s largest mobile phone operator, has joined Vodafone in providing charities 100% of monies received via SMS.

From 1 August 2010, UK-based registered charities will receive the full amount donated by the network’s customers using a five-digit shortcode starting with the numbers ‘70’.

In November 2009, O2 became the first UK network to pass on 90p for every £1 donated, withholding 10p to cover network and third party costs. O2 will now cover those costs and pass on 100 per cent of every donation made by O2 customers.

John Low, chief executive of the Charities Aid Foundation, welcomed the chnage, saying: “Donating by text is popular because it is instant and easy for donors but in the past high charges have put donors and charities off. Charities will celebrate this announcement.”

ATT and Verizion – are you listening?