Two Generations of Leaders

from the Jewish Chronicle:

Our ‘future leaders’ set out their visions

What are young Jewish “leaders” and “thinkers” interested in?

If the 120 participants in the fourth annual Return On Investment (ROI) Summit last week in Israel are anything to go by, the answer seems to be: the same things as other starry-eyed idealists – student politics, human rights, multiculturalism and volunteering in the developed world. They also want to find other Jewish partners with whom to explore these interests.

The summit – organised by the Centre for Leadership Initiatives, founded by philanthropist Lynn Schusterman – is billed as a gathering of “young Jewish innovators from around the world”.

from The Forward:

A Fresh Face Takes Over Embattled UJC

“It could be an Obama moment” for UJC, said Steven M. Cohen, a sociologist who studies the American Jewish community as a research professor at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, and who praised Silverman: “He’s the most accomplished and the most promising communal Jewish professional of his generation.”

from the New Jersey Jewish News:

Bring back the bungalows

I’ll take it as an encouraging sign that Jerry Silverman, who made a splash as executive director of the Foundation for Jewish Camp, was just named as president and CEO of United Jewish Communities, the umbrella group for Jewish federations. Silverman has written, “We need to take what we’ve learned about developing emotional Judaism at camp and use it to construct a ‘road map’ to engagement and success in the Jewish community.”