Turning Jerusalem into a Classroom of Jewish Diversity and Peoplehood

Jerusalem Challenge, a new venture in Jewish Identity has launched in Jerusalem. With wide support across the communal landscape, the organization’s mission is,

“To inspire Jewish identity in young adults and their Israeli peers through interactive and meaningful Jewish educational and volunteer experiences rooted in the communities of Jerusalem for the purpose of creating a long-lasting connection with the city and all its aspects.”

Jerusalem Challenge will strive to provide quality encounters between visiting young Jewish adults (20-35) from around the world and their Israeli peers for the purpose of engaging in dialogue, enjoying diversity, and establishing the foundations from which a personal connection to the city will be formed. They look to:

  • Provide a community oriented volunteer experience where peers work together while learning, sharing and doing Tikun Olam for the city and its residents;
  • Strengthen the individual’s Jewish Jerusalem experience by introducing diverse Jewish experiences which go beyond hanging out, drinking in pubs and historical touring;
  • Establish a forum for closing the cultural and organizational gaps between young Jewish adults from abroad with their Israeli peers through dialogue on timely issues.

Their inaugural program, titled Make Your Own Shabbat, is planned for July 9-10th.

For more information, check out the event’s Facebook page.