Turn Your Dream Project Into Reality

Make your project ideas real this summer in Jerualem

Are you an entrepreneur who cares deeply about the future of the Jewish People? A hacker, programmer, educator, social activist–a rapper, a painter or a biotech visionary who wants to make an impact on the world? Then come learn more about how you can launch your project or scale up your current venture in a special session of the PresenTense Institute for Creative Zionism, a six-week intensive summer program in Jerusalem for socially-minded entrepreneurs.

This past summer we hosted 18 young entrepreneurs in Jerusalem for six weeks from the fields of hi-tech, business, social action, education and the arts — providing them time, support and training as they took their ideas and made them fully-fledged start-ups. For example, a rapper from Iowa City came and developed a curriculum for Jewish education taught through hip-hop; a hacker superstar who developed his first commercially viable piece of software at age 11 worked on a task management system for student clubs that will launch on Facebook’s platform this winter; and an Israel activist from Brandeis developed an idea for a new type of Zionist engagement, bringing social activists to Israel with the purpose of making an impact.

For more information and to apply online: www.creativezionism.com

Dream the project. Travel the distance.

Ariel Beery, along with Aharon Horwitz, are the Co-Founders of the PresenTense Institute for Creative Zionism. Ariel is also the Editor and Publisher of PresenTense Magazine, a blogger and frequent contributor to various publications across the Jewish world on contemporary affairs and Zionist thought. The most recent issue of World Jewish Digest named him the “Person under 30 to watch in 2008″.