Top Israeli Journalist to Chair Limmud FSU Israel

One of Israel’s top political reporters, Yaron Deckel, has accepted the position of Chair of Limmud FSU Israel. Deckel, a well-known radio and television journalist, has covered Israeli politics since 1985 and has a reputation for unprecedented access to virtually all leading Israeli politicians during the past two decades. He was the first Israeli journalist to sit one on one with President George Bush and is currently the host of a popular radio talk show. While in Moscow last week, we sat to discuss how he came to know Limmud FSU and his motivation for accepting the position.

Deckel’s Limmud introduction occurred last fall when he traveled with a group of Israeli journalists to Birobidzhan for the first ever Limmud Far East event. What he discovered was not just a good journalistic story, but a good Zionist and Israeli story. Deckel had previously covered Jewish identity stories in Argentina, South Africa and the U.S., but Limmud was a new experience for him. You see, for Deckel, the Jewish world is not just a matter of interest, but touches him on a personal level. He considers Judaism a good thing; and as an Israeli journalist, feels it is important to raise Israel’s voice.

According to Deckel, the Jewish world has a problem with assimilation and intermarriage and he posits that projects like Limmud, the learning experiences, the people it connects and lives it touch, will help to preserve Jewish identity and life around the world. Limmud FSU facilitates these interactions by helping participants with the means and the tools.

As to his role with Limmed FSU, he is glad to be part of the process.

about: Limmud FSU brings together and empowers Jewish young adults who are revitalizing Jewish community and culture in the countries of the Former Soviet Union, as well as in countries around the world where Russian speakers live.