To Ask or Not to Ask; That Is The Question

images-1When we thank donors, should we ask for a second gift at the same time?

We all know it’s vital that we get our thank-you letter out quickly and that when it arrives it should be very good indeed. We also know that the thank-you opportunity is perhaps our best chance for relationship building, because first impressions count. But should the initial thank you include an ask for the all-important second gift?

Or not?

Opposite opinions from Sean Triner, co-founder and director, Pareto Fundraising in Australia and Lisa Sargent, principal at Sargent Communications, LLC in the US.

  • Thank, but don’t ask: Why your donor thank-you letters shouldn’t ask for additional gifts or upgrades (Lisa)
  • Can you ask too much? Reluctance to ask is instinctive, not based on data. Asking is more likely to build loyalty, not less (Sean)